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One Time Wonder was formed in the midst of 2017 ROG Masters announcement. The core line-up features experienced players in their respective time, supplement with fresh faces of upcoming Singapore talents. Together, the team hopes to reinvigorate the local scene through unorthodox playstyles that are hardly seen orchestrated by local teams.

Members’ Roles & History

Muhd Faiz ‘dejavux’ Ismam – Primary Caller & Rifler
Muhd Faiz is no stranger to the community. Known for his wildly inconsistent plays, dejavux hopes to rekindle what is dubbed the ‘yalam magik’ once more.

Kenneth ‘ExiE’ Lim – Secondary Caller & Rifler
Kenneth is an upcoming player that came from the now-defunct Vindicta. Despite his relatively fresh experience in Counter-Strike, he has shown the experience gained from other FPS games is not something to be taken lightly of.

Lee ‘P-Chan’ Jing Fong – All-Rounder
Jing Fong is what many would consider an untapped potential of his time. Together with his extraordinary calmness approach, he is able to outmanevure his opposition swiftly.

Brandon ‘Dark’ Goh – All-Rounder
Alongside Kenneth, Brandon is one of the promising talents of today’s generation, and has shown tremendous skill that is feared by many.

Dominic ‘dommy’ Seo – All-Rounder
Last but not least, Dominic has shown capabilities to outaim his opponent, and coupled with his experience in Counter-Strike; it could be costly for the opposition.

HLTV Profiles

Last matches stats
COMPETITOR Wins Terrorist Wins Counter Terrorist result
Axylum 4 12
Candy Camels 6 10
maE 8 8
Literal Depression 15 1
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19 August 2017 - 9 September 2017 CS:GO Singapore Qualifier